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The Opportunity

Johnson County College was using a cumbersome Microsoft content management tool to organize hundreds of important documents for internal staff and was using an email newsletter as the primary method for notifying staff of upcoming events and news.  As a result, JCCC leadership was seeking to create a new central communication intranet with single sign-on capabilities that streamlined document management, events, and news into a single, user-friendly website that can easily be managed by their large internal content team.

The Result

ScaleWP worked directly with multiple stakeholder to develop a new theme on top of our WordPress framework that used custom user roles and multiple post types to streamline a detailed editorial flow for JCCC’s publishing team. This included a streamlined document management system and knowledge base with advanced contextual searching capabilities. In addition to the knowledgebase, we also created event and news content management as well as a custom weekly newsletter that is sent out to over 2000 faculty. All of this functionality is  easily managed directly from their WordPress dashboard.